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Residential / Commercial Painting St. Catharines

Painting is our passion, painting for you is our business! New Hues Painting is your trusty and dependable commercial and residential painting company now serving St. Catharines, Niagara Falls, Welland, Fort Erie, Port Colborne, Niagara On The Lake and surrounding cities. With over a decade in the painting industry, we have gained the experience and knowledge to be able to provide our clients with a superior quality painting finish. We have a great team of highly skilled painting professionals for all of your commercial and residential painting needs. When you choose New Hues Painting, you will getting a true partner for your painting project. Our mission is to build enduring relationships with our clients and we plan to do so by being the most reliable and trusted painting contractor you will ever hire.

We offer so many different services for residential and commercial painting including:

  • Full interior painting
  • Full exterior painting
  • Epoxy floor coatings
  • Shot blasting
  • Power washing
  • Full furniture and room preparation
  • Priming
  • And more.

For the best painting in St. Catharines, Niagara, Welland and surrounding cities, call New Hues Painting today!

Painting your home or commercial building can help protect your walls against weathering as well as liven up your working or living environment. We are passionate about painting and we take every painting project very seriously. From the first meeting with you until the end of the project, our painting contractors work efficiently to leave you with the best quality paint finish. We offer colour consultations and our painters understand colour psychology to ensure the aesthetic appeal of your home or commercial building will enhance the beauty and experience of the building. Your time is valuable to us and we make sure to plan out a time frame and reasonable budget in which we will complete your painting project. When it comes to New Hues Painting, straight lines and smooth surfaces are not a problem. Our painters always leave the job site clean and are very respectful and attentive to your needs. Call us today and let's discuss your next residential or commercial painting project.

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What Our Clients Say

  • New Hues did a fantastic job based on my requests and expectations. Before painting the exterior of my home, vine suckers were removed and woodwork was sanded. Wood trim, which had been neglected, was painted with a great colour with better than expected results considering the dryness of the wood. New Hues owner, Dylan Suitor, and his employees were polite, friendly, accommodating and professional. I will call New Hues for future painting jobs. Thanks, Dylan!

  • Spontaneously we purchased a home and quickly needed to have our existing home ready for the market. We had a repair that needed to be completed prior to listing and had a very tight schedule to contend with. New Hues was incredibly accommodating and constantly kept me up-to-date when to expect their representative accordingly, who arrived on schedule. The work was done as promised and we were very pleased with the results! I really commend the prompt service. I would absolutely recommend your company to anyone who needs drywall repair & painting services in the future.

  • I hired Dylan and his crew to paint the interior of my home back in February 2015. Dylan presented me with a competitive quote during our initial meeting and followed up the quote with excellent customer service and a superb job. Shawn and Anson arrived 5 minutes before expected each day and finished the job in less time than expected. I would highly recommend New Hues Painting to anybody looking to spruce up their home or add the newest colour to their walls.

  • I hired Dylan and his team at New Hues to come and paint the interior and exterior of my cottage in Crystal Beach. Their quote was very reasonable, they were on time everyday and they did an exceptional job. I would not hesitate to use their services again.

  • Very pleased with the results, the painters were very professional, clean and efficient. I was so pleased with the results that I hired them to be part of my Line-X Hamilton office renovation. I highly recommend Dillon and staff. I was also particularly pleased with the sub contractors he recommended for both my home and office renovations.

  • I love how professional they are. They recommend great products to use and are full of information besides doing an awesome job. Our bedroom, great room, powder room, master ensuite and exterior of our house. Wonderful work!

Residential & Commercial Painting St. Catharines

Interior/Exterior Painting

New Hues Painting only uses the best brands of paints when it comes to interior or exterior painting. Dulux and Sherwin-williams have so many options and are long lasting beautiful painting products.
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Bedroom Painting

When you choose New Hues Painting as your partner, rest assured that your bedroom will have smoothly painted surfaces and straight lines. We can help any one of your family members pick out the right colour they want painted according to their unique styles and tastes.
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Living Room Painting

New Hues Painting, we have teams of professional living room painting contractors who have a keen eye for detail and are very creatively talented. We can transform your dull or plain living room into a place that you will love so much you won't ever want to leave.
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Restaurant Painting

New Hues Painting provides superior restaurant painting jobs, from the interior to the exterior of your building the paint job will be fantastic. Our painting company goes beyond just colouring your walls, we paint to create an experience for your clientele.
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Commercial Exterior Painting

New Hues Painting has been working with many commercial painting clients in the St. Catharines region over the last 10 years and have gained the experience to perfect our trade. Our painting services range from exterior of condominiums to the exterior of malls or even restaurants.
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Commercial Office Painting

A commercial office should be a place where clients want to enter and employees strive to be productive. A dull or boring interior or exterior painting job can completely throw your working environment off and also discourage new clients.
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